About Us

We put Affordability first because we know long-distance relocation can be a costly affair. Affordability does not mean we are the cheapest movers; it means that we far exceed the level of service our competitors can offer for the same price.
Reliability must be at the heart of any moving business. Our clients entrust us with the contents of their homes that hold not just monetary value but also a wealth of priceless memories. We are honored by your trust and strive to always be your personal, dependable option.

Why Choose Us

PLANET Van Lines focuses on the 3 things that moving families tell us they want most from their movers. We have made them our Core Values:

Long-distance relocation often turns into a scheduling dance in your new city. Here, Planet Van Lines’ focus on Speed ensures that you make the tightest window for a smooth transition to your new home or office.

“We use the simplest and most effective process for interstate moving,”

“It is a proven process that adheres to our Core Values and keeps in-house expenses low. On average, our prices are an average of 30% lower than any of the major carriers.  Customer satisfaction rates, on the other hand, are a heck of a lot higher and we have thousands of 5-star reviews to prove it!

Best Movers in South Carolina

Planet Van Lines has come so far with the love and support of families across America. Every move brings us one step closer to being the country’s first choice for long-distance relocations. Come and be part of our journey as we help you make yours.

Too often, though, moving ends up being one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. It requires more than just packing and transporting your property – you also need to sort through all your belongings, balance your work schedule, contact various companies to assist you, and so on. Planet Van Lines is here to make your next move stress-free and, yes, even enjoyable.

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