Leaving your loving legacy

Make decisions on what you will keep, giveaway, sell or donate. Don’t start with the idea of how much you can fit into your new home but rather which of your belongings is most important to you. Focus on creating space around these items. Simplicity rather than clutter should always be the rule.


Identify 5 items that absolutely must accompany you to your new home. Decide which items hold the most sentimental value for you. Select pieces of furniture that will be used on a regular basis and could possibly serve double function. A storage chest or trunk that could serve as storage as well as a coffee table.


Start the de-clutter process by sorting through your belongings. Limit yourself to 2 hours a day. Give heirlooms to children and other relatives. Share your stories of the item with them and why the item is prized. Take time to savor the memories connected to the items you are releasing. Begin to leave your loving legacy.


Plan on having an estate sale. Our estate sale coordinator can provide a variety of services including value of items to be sold, prepare items for sale, advertise the sale, and handle the sale. We are objective experts in assisting with your home liquidation process.


This will be items you don’t need but someone else can use.


  • This will be items no one wants or can use.
  • Start to release the “stuff” in your life. Do an assessment of your personal belongings. Review all of your belongings – including the items in your kitchen cabinet, and the clothes in your closet. Ask yourself if each of your things still has a useful purpose in your life. If not, think about passing the item on to someone who can use it. If you haven’t used or worn it in the past 2 years, it’s time to let it go. Items with high sentimental value are exempt from this rule as long as you don’t include everything.
  • Begin sorting and clearing in the areas of the house that you are not currently using. Start by sorting the basement, the attic, the rooms that will least disruptive to everyday life.
  • Start with the large items in each room and work your way down to the small items. This will show you quicker progress and keep you motivated during the process.
  • The goal is to get rid of as much stuff as possible as you work through the downsizing process. It’s never too early to begin.


Before leaving your current home for the last time, pack a last box for both you and your pets. A last box contains all of the items you will need as soon as you arrive in your new home. A telephone, your address book, medicine, toiletries, etc. For your pet, food, dishes, medicine and a toy. On move day be sure to keep on your regular meal schedule and that someone you trust can be there to assist you and the movers.

Too often, though, moving ends up being one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. It requires more than just packing and transporting your property – you also need to sort through all your belongings, balance your work schedule, contact various companies to assist you, and so on. Planet Van Lines is here to make your next move stress-free and, yes, even enjoyable.

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